HP Primera API. API v3 and API v1

At the beginning of the journey to conquer the API of HPe Primera storages was a simple task. Create a CLI monitoring tool that could send information do different ticketing and monitoring tools. One would think this is an easy task. Let’s take a look at why this is not so easy and also, how to make it fairly easy.

Why is APIv1 crap? How to use APIv3? Why did I choose that super sexy green featured image? I’ll try to answer some of these.

I’ll look at a 3 inch long stick, that should bring down an airplane (SNMP), will bisect the APIv1 (and kill it in the process) and eventually will go down the route of implementing the APIv3, which is the most capable, yet HP will not let you use it – officially (used by the GUI).

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Medium format camera – a hefty companion?

A moderately biased comparison of medium format cameras.

In the next few lines, I’d like to make a brief summary of the sizes and weights of different medium format (and smaller/larger) cameras. A lot of people asked if and how heavy the medium format equipment is. Well, it has some bulk, that is true, but is it that much? How does a “full format” camera compare to a medium format camera?

Let’s get the table, shall we?

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A NetApp metrocluster sonata. A rebooting node, aggregate not healed and a tad of mojo from support

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon…

Based on the title, this already is a bad beginning, isn’t it? In the end the issue turned out to be less of a problem than it seems. It all started, as stated, on a Sunday afternoon, casually receiving an email that one node of our NetApp metrocluster had finished an unplanned takeover. Looking over that information, I noticed a rather cryptic message from “the healthy one”, as I will address it later on, saying: “METROCLUSTER AUTOMATIC UNPLANNED SWITCHOVER COMPLETE”.

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Not so bad temperature meter. Using ESP8266 and a DHT11

In case you are a nut case and want everything monitored and under control, as I do, you NEED a temperature and humidity monitoring device that is at least semi-reliable, throwable, checkable, cheap and ugly as fuck.

Also, the results can be seen here: https://bastart.spoton.cz/temphumi/ and especially, the graphing for battery state (3rd graph from top): https://bastart.spoton.cz/status/

Search no more, as you have found it, read on and relive the ecstatic feelings of designing an ass-ripping ultra portable ESP8266 powered temperhumi meter for a couple [f|b]ucks.

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Installing Manjaro Linux on ASUS Zenbook 14 (UX433FN-A5104T)

As I have been labeled as an impulsive, irrational individual, here comes another irrational and impulsive thing I have managed over the course of the last days. I came to a conclusion, that I need a new computer (understand laptop) that should be capable of some pretty advanced stuff, be portable and MUST be good looking – we all know that is the most important one. Also, it cannot be an apple…

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